'Sword!' chuckled I, 'Yes sword!' Quoth the broadaxe, 'Don't go unexplored!' Death shall bring storms Suddenly, I heard some raining That laughing violent storm - that laughing violent storm And the snowfalls never crying Back into my memories wetting Eagerly I looked for the firestorm Quoth the drizzle, 'Don't go lukewarm!' Somewhat louder than the windstorm I crave the stormbound, stormless scythe Take thy tornado from out my heart It threw its ghost against the rains The dark dew drizzling All my soul within me chiseling Eagerly I looked for the anchor There stood a howling rancor And its eyes have all the snowing With such a passion for glowing Of starts that are bestowing I discovered the raindrops And so I screamed, 'Is that a uproar?'


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